Joerg Christian Wolf

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Publications 2022

Morten Troestrup Winther, Josephine Clara Elisabeth Nitschke, Joerg Christian Wolf
Systems And Methods For Generating A Context-Dependent Experience For A Driver, Pub. Date: 7 Jul 2022, Pub. No: US 2022/0212679 A1

Joerg Christian Wolf,Michael Zweck,Christian Steen,Dmitriy Kuzikov
"Apparatus, system and method for merging and applying intersection data for a vehicle", Patent Publication Date: 31 Mar 2022, Pub. No: US 2022/0101728 A1

Melanie Senn, Joerg Christian Wolf, Emde Lorenz Haghenbeck
"Battery state of health estimator", Patent Publication Date: 3 Mar 2022, Pub. No: US 2022/0065939 A1

Publications 2021

Joerg Christian Wolf, Tianxing Yang
"Driver intention prediction of stop length using LSTM", The 24th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2021), 19 Sept 2021, PDF

Joerg Christian Wolf
"Early warning of pedestrians and cyclists", 13 July 2021, arXiv:2107.05186 [cs.CV], DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.14414.18247

Joerg Christian Wolf, Elnaz Vahedforough, James Phan Bui, Bryan Grant, Martin Fest, Nikhil George
"Vehicle guiding attachment" , Patent Publication Date: 4 Feb 2021, Pub. No: US 2021/0031734 A1

Liang Kong, Joerg Christian Wolf
"Devices, systems, and methods for driving incentivization", Patent Publication Date: 14 Jan 2021, Pub. No: US 2021/0012652 A1

Edmund Dawes Zink, Douglas Allen Hauger, Lutz Junge, Jerramy L. Gipson, Joerg Christian Wolf, Qiang Liu
"Object tracking using contour filters and scalers", Patent Publication Date: 16 Feb 2021, Patent Number: US 10922824

Publications 2020

Jijo Mathew, Howell Li, Rik Lawm, Jingtao Ma, Joerg Christian Wolf, William Morgan, Woosung Kim, Darcy Bullock
"Methodology for Evaluating Impact of Actuated Traffic Signal Control on Connected Vehicle Green Light Prediction",
International Conference on Transportation and Development 2020, DOI:10.1061/9780784483152.025    PDF

Howell Li, Joerg C. Wolf, Jijo K. Mathew, Nitin Navali, Steven D. Zehr, Brandon L. Hardin, Darcy M. Bullock
"Leveraging Connected Vehicles to Provide Enhanced Roadway Condition Information",
Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems, 2020, 146(8): 04020073 , DOI:10.1061/JTEPBS.0000370    PDF

Publications 2019

Dmitriy Kuzikov, Michael Zweck, Christoph Rucker, Joerg Christian Wolf
"Virtual induction loops for adaptive signalized intersections"
Patent Publication Date: 20 Aug 2019, Filed 2 July 2018, Patent Number: US 10388154

Joerg Christian Wolf, Michael Zweck, Christoph Rucker
"Traffic signal emulation using genetic algorithm"
Patent Publication Date: 9 April 2019, Patent Number: US 10255805

Joerg Christian Wolf, Jingtao Ma, Bill Cisco, Justin Neill, Brian Moen, Curtis Jarecki
"Deriving Signal Performance Metrics from Large-Scale Connected Vehicle System Deployment"
in the "Transportation Research Record","(Journal of the Transportation Research Board)" doi: 10.1177/0361198119838520 , Apr 2019    PDF

Howell Li, Joerg Christian Wolf Jijo K Mathew, Nitin Navali, Steven Zehr, Brandon Hardin, Darcy Bullock
"Leveraging Connected Vehicles to Provide Enhanced Roadway Condition Information"
extended Abstract appeared in "Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Online", paper 19-02137, Jan 2019    PDF

Publications 2014

Joerg C. Wolf and Guido Bugmann
"Robotic Learning from Multimodal Instructions: A card game case study"
book chapter in Robots That Talk and Listen. Technology and Social Impact edited by Judith A. Markowitz, Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin, 2014 , ISBN 978-1-61451-440-4

Pfeiffer,Gerhard , Kunkel,Martin and Wolf,Joerg
"Technik zum Bestimmen schonender Routen im Rahmen einer Routenberechnung"
Publication date 15/05/2014,Patent number DE102012016736A1

"Technique for processing cartographic data for determining energy-saving routes"
or German Version "Technik zum Verarbeiten kartographischer Daten für Bestimmen energiesparender Routen"
Patent numbers,DE102012016768A1 publ. 15/05/2014, CN103630142A publ. 12/03/2014, US20140058673A1 publ. 27/02/2014, US9062984B2 publ. 23/06/2015

Publications 2009

Wolf J.C., Vicente A., Gibbons P., Gardiner N., Tilbury J., Bugmann G., and Culverhouse P.
"BunnyBot: Humanoid Platform for Research and Teaching"
Proceedings of FIRA RoboWorld Congress 2009, Incheon, Korea, August 16-20,2009
Springer Progress in Robotics, ISBN 978-3-642-03985-0. pp. 25-33    PDF

Publications 2008

Joerg C. Wolf
"Multi-Modal Task Instructions to Robots by Naive Users"
PhD Thesis, University of Plymouth, defended on 11 Nov 2008    PDF

Joerg C. Wolf and Guido Bugmann
"Converting Multi-Modal Task Instructions to Rule-Based Robot Instructions"
accepted at the IEEE RO-MAN 08: The 17th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication,
Munich, Germany , Aug 2008.    PDF

Publications 2007

Joerg Christian Wolf, Phil Hall, Paul Robinson, Phil Culverhouse
"Bioloid based Humanoid Soccer Robot Design"
in the Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots @ 2007 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Pittsburgh (USA), November 29, 2007    PDF    Poster

Stephane Railhet, Joerg Wolf, Amine Adra, Rashad Kabbara, Sarang Deshmukh, Musaab Garghouti, Gregory Nash, Tony Belpaeme, Phil Culverhouse, Paul Robinson, Peter White, Guido Bugmann
"Sensors system in a compliant geometry robot:ButlerBot."
Proceedings of TAROS 2007: Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems Aberystwyth,U.K. ,p. 176-181, Sept 2007,    PDF

Joerg C. Wolf, Guido Bugmann
"Understanding Rules in Human-Robot Instructions"
presented at the IEEE RO-MAN 07: The 16th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication,
Special Session Paper in Human-Robot Interactive Teaching ,Jeju Island, South Korea,Paper No. WA2-4, pg. 714-719 , Sept 2007.    PDF

Publications 2006

Joerg C. Wolf, Guido Bugmann
"Linking Speech and Gesture in Multimodal Instruction Systems"
in the Proceedings of IEEE RO-MAN 06: The 15th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Hatfield, U.K., pg. 141-144, ISBN 1-4244-0564-5    PDF     PS

Joerg C. Wolf, Guido Bugmann
"Timing of visual and spoken input in robot instructions"
in the Proceedings of European Robotics Symposium (EUROS-06), Palermo,Italy    PDF

Publications 2005

J.C. Wolf, J.D. Oliver, P. Robinson and C. Diot
"Multi-site development of a FIRA large league robot football system"
in the Proceedings of Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Singapore(CIRAS) 2005, (ISSN: 0219-6131) PDF

G. Bugmann, J.C. Wolf, P. Robinson
"The impact of spoken interfaces on the design of service robots"
in "Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Special Issue on Service Robots ( Volume 32 Number 6, ISSN 0143-991X, page 499-504 )" Oct 2005

Joerg C. Wolf, Guido Bugmann
"Multimodal Corpus Collection for the Design of User Programmable Robots"
in the Conference Proceedings of Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS) 2005, (ISBN 0-905247-03-5) , PDF

Publications 2004

J.C. Wolf, P. Robinson, J.M. Davies
in the Proceedings of the 2004 FIRA Robot World Congress (Paper 151) PDF

P.Robinson, J.C. Wolf, J.A.Law, J.D. Oliver, K.W.Young, D.A. Harewood-Gill
in the Proceedings of the 2004 FIRA Robot World Congress (Paper 158) PDF

P.Robinson, P.Hall, J.Wolf , R.Phillips, C.Peck P.Culverhouse, R.Bray, AJ.Simpson
"The Technology and Challenges of Mirosot Robot Football"
presented at the UK Championships of FIRA Robot Football 2004 PDF

J.C. Wolf
"Fast Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform, BEng final year Thesis"
University of Plymouth, U.K., 2004 PDF    PS

Public Lectures:

Joerg Wolf and Paul Robinson
"Robotics @ Plymouth"
IEE Devon and Cornwall Branch (now called IET), Public Lecture , 2006 , PDF

J.C. Wolf and M. Norman
"Robot Soccer Workshop" Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia, 14-15 Oct 2008

J.C. Wolf and M. Norman
"Robot Soccer Workshop" Jordan University of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department, Irbit, Jordan, 1 Nov 2008

J.C. Wolf and M. Norman
"Introduction to Robot Football" Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan , 2 Nov 2008

J.C. Wolf and M. Norman
"Introduction to Robot Football" German-Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan , 2 Nov 2008

J.C. Wolf
"The Secrets of Robot Football", Future Robotics Seminar, University of Plymouth ,14 Nov 2008, PDF


Joerg Wolf
MPhil/PhD Transfer Report, 2006 , PDF